This page details our (meaning my) code of ethics, from how we (I) collect, use, store, and disclose data to the affiliates and product acquisition methods that we use. All the info is here, for you to see in easy to understand language (because who wants to be tricked by the typical legal BS?).


Unlike most websites, we take your privacy VERY seriously. Like, enough to not track you any more than absolutely required to make the site function.

Fitness on a Budget does not and will not ever share your contact information with anyone EVER. Chances are we don’t even have it but if we do, it’s not something we share and not something we keep stored for any longer than required to converse with you. I hate spam and unsolicited email as much as you do!


I’m sure this is no surprise to you but like all WordPress based blogs this site uses cookies to track your login status and for commenting purposes. We do not however use them to track you any further than that.

Follow the Money

Given the large role that conflict of interest can play in opinions and reviews on this page I am documenting each and every compensatory offer I receive from those involved in the fitness industry (unless it is a personal training session or nutrition consultation, however even then it will be disclosed if that person works for a company who’s product I happen to review), accepted or not. The idea here is to be 100% honest and open with you the readers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form.

Affiliate Links

These are just posts which contain affiliate links, I do not have any further relationship with these companies and was not compensated for the posts containing these links in any other way. Clicking on these affiliate links will not increase costs to you, but may provide me a few cents towards a protein shake…or cold beer.

Company Blog Post
Canadian Protein 02/28/15
Amazon 05/07/15
Amazon 12/16/15
Amazon 01/01/16

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