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Retirement of Grip Legend Warren Tetting

On February 15th, 2015 Warren Tetting announced his retirement from gripper creation, meaning Tetting grippers have become immediate collectors items in the grip strength community. For those who don’t know, Warren is one of the pioneers in the gripper business and the man who created the extremely popular Iron Man gripper for Ironman Magazine in the 1960s and ’70s.1 Beyond the classic Iron Man gripper Tetting helped foster the creation of a culture with his Thor (Beef Builder) and Mash Monster lines.

The level of impact Mr. Tetting’s work has had on such an obscure aspect of strength training and sport cannot be overstated. As such I hope next time you all go to train you will remember not to neglect grip work. I felt it important to make note of this event here in honour of all Warren has done to date for those of us involved in grip training. If you can find them I highly recommend everyone drop some cash on Tetting grippers before they make it into someone else’s collection and off the market. I have strong regrets about not buying a Hercules gripper while I still had the chance.

Tetting’s grippers really were and are worth spending some of your budget on (again, if you can find them).

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that Tetting still grippers are still being made for though I don’t know if that is Warren or just his sons, or anything about it beyond the basic info given. In any case the volume of Tetting grippers being made is much lower than in previous years. I’ve not used Weightlifters Warehouse so can’t say much for their service or anything along those lines.

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  1. Warren still makes his grippers for Weightlifters Warehouse.

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